Frequently Asked Questions

Where to plant?

I like to remind people that wildflowers grow just fine on the side of the road or in the crack of a sidewalk. Each mix has a good variety of flowers so many will be happy anywhere you plant them. Flowers do best in full sun but can tolerate some shade also. You can also plant them in a pot , raised garden bed or in that area of your yard that needs a little love.

When to plant?

Fall and spring are the best time of the year to plant wildflowers. Some wildflowers need winter to tell them to start growing. So depending on when you start growing, you may see more flowers in year two!

Will the flowers come back?

This mix includes both annuals and perrenials. Annuals will need to reseed themselves yearly, which means if you leave the flowers to die on the plants and then drop their seeds they will come back! Perrenials will grow for more than one year but will drop seeds each year! Also remember polliantors love to hide in dead flower blooms to overwinter! So think twice before ripping out that old bloom.

How long does it take for them to sprout?

It depends on the water situation. Each seed ball has 5-10 seeds in it to help ensure several are successful and enjoys where it was planted. In most cases you will see sprouts in 3-5 days. Try to keep the seed balls moist, and try not to let them dry out, which will cause the new sprouts to die.

Addtional Questions

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