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For the Bees & Me - Pollinator Garden Seed Gift Set

For the Bees & Me - Pollinator Garden Seed Gift Set

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Grow flowers all summer long for you and bees to enjoy! This collection of easy-to-grow flowers contains 6 native plants and 6 easy-to-grow cut flowers that pollinators will love.

Native Seeds included:

Indian Blankets: One of my favorites wildflowers. It is a beautiful drought-resistant annual that will bloom all summer.

Mexican Hat: From the coneflower family that is easy to grow and a hit with the pollinators.

Corn flower: Easy to grow and bright blue flowers that bees love. They also make great cut flowers and dry easily.

Golden Wave: Bring a bright yellow pop of color to your garden. Deadhead these when the blooms fade so they will keep blooming all summer.

Partridge Pea: These little yellow flowers provide nectar for native bees and they provide yummy seeds for the local birds.

Common Sunflower: Everyone's summer favorite. These native branching sunflowers can surprise you with how big they can grow. Depending on how much rain/water they get, they can grow up to 7 feet tall! The birds will love the seeds, but they will also reseed themselves easily.

Easy to grow cut flowers include:

Zinnia: Beautiful large blooms that are cut and come again all summer. A true garden classic.

Cosmo: Large soft blooms that I frequently find the bees sleeping in!

Celosia: Long colorful spikes that have 100s long-lasting small blooms. I always find tiny bees enjoying the delicate flowers. Celosia also dries beautifully.

Gomphrena: Small little puffballs that bug friends love. They are cut and come again and dry beautifully.

Dill: A host plant for many butterflies including black swallowtails and it blooms in late summer. This is also a great filler, for bouquets with its beautiful interesting leaves.

Basil: Smells amazing, easy to grow and blooms easily. A great bouquet filler. Cut in the morning, and put stems in hot water for a couple of minutes to prevent stems from wilting. You may even find these stems starting to form roots in their vase. If so, just pot them up for another plant!

The collection includes a growing guide that includes more information on creating a pollinator garden and information on each flower.

Our current seed mix is well suited for all areas of Texas, and the United States. Please contact us with any questions.

We are taking custom orders. Bulk orders are available for discounts on large orders. Perfect for retail, weddings or party gifts. Please contact us if you are interested!

Pollinators and Blooms is a family flower farm in central Texas. We help you live a pollinator and bloom-filled life. Please visit our website to learn more.
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